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“The Well Tempered Clavier is Bach’s meditation on music and piano composition. 

J.S. Bach’s life wasn’t an easy one. For example, his duties as the Cantor of Leipzig included not only to write a weekly Cantata, but also to supervise and prepare the church’s choir, conduct, and teach music as well as sometimes Latin and Catechism. His employers were often dissatisfied, a counselor of the city of Leipzig even once reported that “the Cantor is doing nothing”. When Bach wanted to switch jobs and become the new Kapellmeister of Köthen, he had to request his leave from the Duc of Weimar. The later’s response was eloquent - he threw J.S. Bach into prison. Bach spent a month in prison from November 6th to December 2nd 1717.

Though all our lives are full of difficulties, focusing and reflecting on one’s art and craft has always been a road to fulfillment. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier is his great meditation on music, and keyboard music composition in particular, and gives the interpreter and listener an opportunity to take part in this meditative and contemplative state.” ~ Edna Stern on the title ‘Bach’s Book of Zen’

Edna Stern : Bach's Book of Zen

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